Travel Insurance

No matter where you are, stay assured of quality healthcare. Avail travel insurance plans that offer cashless hospitalisation facilities across the globe, so you can be at peace when you travel.

Importance of Travel insurance for an International travel

Buying Travel Insurance for International travel is critical. However, some people ask, “ Is travel insurance necessary and worth its money”

There are many types of travel insurance available in the market and we need to choose them suiting our needs.

· What kind of trip we are taking

· Traveling single? with family ? or with a group?

· Travelling for business/studies / Leisure or something else

· Age of the Traveler

· Duration of the trip

· Single journey or multiple trips

· What exactly would you like to get covered

Insurance covers us in events like ( depends on the insurance taken )

  • Trip Delays
  • Emergency medical coverage
  •  Baggage loss
  • Baggage delay
  • Loss of passport

If you are participating in any adventure sports like Bungee, snow skiing etc get your additional covers done. Similarly, for self drive car/bike rentals consider purchasing additional insurance for the same as most travel insurance may not provide automobile insurance

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