Passport & It’s Usefulness

A passport is a small booklet of documents. That contains passport number, holder’s name, birth date, birthplace, passport issue date, expiry date, holder’s photograph, and signature.

A Passport acts as a government certified identity for all international tours & travels. A Passport works as a valid travel document. Passport is normally been issued by the government of every country respective to their citizen.

A passport confirms the holder’s identity and many a time used for verification of citizenship. It also acts as an entry card into your country after foreign travel.

Types of Passport in India

Types of Indian Passport & Its Purpose.

A – Regular (Normal) Passport– This kind of passport is the basic one which is normally been issued to the Indian citizen for ordinary travel. This is a mandatory document used for foreign tours and travels. It can also be used for business trips. The cover of this Passport is normally in navy blue color.

B – Official Passport– This kind of Passport is issued to Indian officials for their international travel. This passport and the Indian officials represent the Indian government. The cover of this Passport is normally in white color.

C – Diplomatic Passport– This kind of Passport is issued to Indian politicians, top-ranking government officials, and diplomatic couriers. This cover of this Passport is normally in maroon color.

Passport Application Procedure

Passport details being fed Online

Now applying for a Passport is easy and convenient! We can visit Passport portal and this website acts as a lifesaver for every Indian citizen in need of a passport service. From filing the applications form to selecting PSK, got it all covered.

Visiting Your PSK

PSK stands for Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Service Kendra, where you need to visit with all your original documents and two photocopies of each. And if in any situation you’re required to visit PSK again you can do so in 3 working days on a walk-in basis from the time and date of your appointment.

Police Verification Process

Once you submit all your documents at PSK, you will be directed to police verification, in which your information and identity will be cross verified by police, the police will be visiting at the address you have mentioned on your application form.

Receive Your New Passport

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, once you submit your documents at PSK and receive a clear card in your police verification, your passport will be delivered to you within 30 days. Your passport will be delivered to you in person by the postman.

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