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About Hallmark Journeys

When You have planned to travel. The questions are

With whom?
How many days?
How do you get there? So on and so forth
Many questions and a single certainty. You are going to travel.

Now let’s say no, you haven’t defined the destination yet. The world remains immense, but it is increasingly possible, and these possibilities are multiplied in a flap of wings.

Then you activate your Travel Agent, and he arrives, without any sleep, ready to make this desire possible. Hallmark Journeys can be the wings between dream and reality. While you dream, we are in contact with the four corners of the planet, selecting suppliers, evaluating new routes, one foot in the news and the other in classic and eternal destinations. Ready to share the accumulated information with you.

All you have to do is just Contact us. Bring only the desire, share it with us and together we will add colors, flap wings and make your dream come true.


To serve our clients with enhanced travel experience by providing quality Services that address their Travel needs, through the most efficient arrangements so that customer loyalty, superior financial results and excellent customer satisfaction can be achieved.


  1. People
    At Hallmark Journeys people are at the heart of everything we do. We use all of our expertise to serve our customers so they can bring home unforgettable memories we helped them create. Our care is represented in our “Wow” services that come with the most serious customer focus. Our service is sincere and comes from our heart – to touch yours.
  2. Passion
    Every day we work with passion to serve our travelers the best way we can. We are experts in the countries we promote and share the same passion as you for travel. We love creating unique experiences and show you the most authentic part of each country.
  3. Innovation
    Creativity, education and continuous innovation are the lifeblood of our company. We welcome individual differences so that each person can contribute with their unique views and set of skills to the organization. Together we are better!
  4. Leadership
    At Hallmark Journeys , people are the most important asset. Our team combines their expertise with dedication and attitude to their work and we are all proud to be part of the first luxury travel company in Vietnam.
  5. Transparency
    Our way of working with our clients is always open, respectful, honest, courteous and helpful.
  6. Pride
    Hallmark Journeys is a company filled with friendship, pride, and professional performance. We value democracy, freedom, and happiness and all we understand, share and track their responsibility to provide exceptional service.
  7. Collaboration
    We keep building win-win partnerships with other partners and through hard work we bring profits and growth for all, hand-in-hand.
  8. Commitment
    Our team is committed to excellence and going one step further to satisfy our travelers. Great things happen when we work together to achieve our goals!
    It is good to remember the past but wisdom comes from being able to prepare opportunities for the future.

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